About Us

Dear Customers: due to popular demand we Now Require a Deposit due to limited vacancies.. we are open 6 days a week” from our NEW Home based Location in Carrara, just off “Pappas Way”! previously SURFERS PARADISE SINCE SEPTEMBER 2012

10am – 6pm  Monday to Saturday

CLOSED      Sunday 

Please book in as early as possible as we are very busy and spaces are fill up quickly..

Adorable Paws Pet Grooming Salon is an Open Plan Environment & now we are grooming from our NEW Home based location, in Carrara, just off Pappas Way QLD 4211.. Much quieter & less distractions, just Great Energy.. We offer a more personal one on one appointment for your Fur babies. After 3 years in our Surfers Paradise Salon location, we moved December 2015 to offer a more personal one on one stress free environment!

We use all natural products & the best supplies from Petway, & PAW, and nothing is watered down.. all pets are shampooed, conditioned & massaged, in a calm relaxed stress free environment, this makes drying a little longer, however the results are well worth it.. all products are soap free for sensitive pets also.. we do have other products for extra super sensitive doggies..

As our products are so popular, we now have them in stock, to sell to my Valued Customers  : Shampoos, Conditioners & Coat Gloss from the Petway Range. Just talk to Our Fully Qualified Trade Certified Pet Stylist, Kimmie, as to the best products for your pets coat..

When you walk in you will be greeted by “Marseille” the Malteser.. he quite often plays with the pets, and having Marseille in the salon, another friendly furry face, makes all the pets feel very comfortable..

You will also see my beautiful Persian Chinchilla Cats, Boston & Jazze & Snowy!

We have brand new State of the Art equipment and our grooming tables and bath are electric, moving down to the ground & up, enabling easy access for larger and older pets.. we also use stress free mats for our staff and pets.. our stainless steel bath has a spa attached hose with fresh warm clean water to bathe your pets in the best possible bath.. they love it! just like a spa bath..

Our salon is airconditioned and very comfortable for every one on board.. we also have the latest JAZZ music to entertain your pets while they are being pampered.

if your doggie or kitty is matted or knotted, there may be an extra fee, as more time and care will need to be taken.. also difficult dogs & cats, that haven’t had a haircut for a while may take more  time, may require extra care & extra time, please understand if we charge a little extra..

Kitty Cats

i have been grooming cats since I graduated from Pet Stylist School in March 2011. I have been trained by International Master Feline Groomer Danelle German.. I specialise in handscissoring to create a beautiful natural look for your Kitty Cat.. Cats require a different mindset to dogs, I have been attacked, scratched, bitten & punched in the face by many cats, just to get a reaction.. I am Super Patient & perhaps a little crazy, but I just love them, all cats, all breeds & I understand them.. I talk to them & sing to them & usually they end up trusting me & really enjoy being pampered.. 98% of the time! It’s kind of like breaking in a horse, trust is something a cat will make u earn.. I think all cat owners will agree! I have a Female Persian Chinchilla named “Jazze”.. she will sit while i groom her.. first of all we will trim her nails & then shampoo & conditioner her in large our stainless steel spa bath.. (She loves it) I will massage her softly all over, then she will dry slowly in her extra large private crate or on my lap.. I have very special dryers for Puddy Cats – soft quiet & slow warm air.. once she is fully dry,  she is groomed short into a lion king style cut, then her tail, head, paws & pads are handscizzored.. she loves it, just like a little kitten again!  My Male Persian Chinchilla, “Boston” loves his full coat & just loves a wash n blow dry maintenance deshed trim.. i find they all are like little puppies and kittens after having a day at the Salon.. plus less cleaning to do at home for everyone.. who doesn’t like being pampered & spoiled, have your nails & hair done.. Trim all the danglie bits..  Makes everyone feel pretty special.. My pets give me sooo much love & I always want them to look & feel their Best! please note: it is best that kit Kats are washed & dried before haircut for a much better styled cut.. we can wash & dry only $50 extra when your kitty is booked in for the Lion King Groom.. A wash n blow dry regularly every 4-6 weeks is recommended for all breeds of cats.. this helps reduce clumps & matts & reduces hair fly aways.. If your cat is shedding, moulting, matting & knotting easily, this means sum one needs a wash & blow dry, undercoat brushed out, nails trimmed & ears cleaned.. Your cat will love u! My Boston & Jazze just love the Wash n Blow dry & The Lion King Style Cut all year round.. Also you can try regular Wash n blow dry for a Longer Coat or Try The Teddy Bear Handscizzored for Stylish Long Haired Cats that only like a little off all over!


The Lion King Styled Groom Cut + Wash n blow dry (3 hrs) $125

Wash & blow Dry Maintenance Trim / Deshed / Demoult / Brush out (2-3 hrs)

kittens $30  short Length Coat: $50  Medium Length Coat  $60  Long Length Coat $70

Teddy bear Styled Cat Groom (4 hrs) + Wash n blow Dry = $145