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Pet Grooming Salon
Please Note: Due to popular demand we are now Require a Deposit due to limited availability.. we are open 4 days a week from our  “Homebased” location in Carrara, Just off” Pappas Way “- we have been open & trading since SEPTEMBER 2012

By Appointment only
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
10am – 7pm
CLOSED Mon Thur Sun

We Highly Recommend bringing your KITTY CATS in every 4-6 Weeks to maintain your Pets coat, nails, ears etc., & to avoid matting & knot problems! Its A Great day at The Salon for Pets TO Feel Pampered & Clean & Very Special !!

Kitty Cats
The Lion King Styled Groom or Tiger Styled Groom or combination
Long or Short Mane
Boots – Ankle or Elbow
Tail – Lion, Tiger or Full

This includes body groomed short,  head, end of tail & paws hand scissored to create lion or Tiger style.. also nails, pads, paws & ears cleaned & tidied.. Kitty’s love this style.. low maintenance for every one.. less hair around the house & one happy puddy!

Lion King or Tiger Styled Groom (includes handscizzoring + Wash n blow dry) $136.50

Teddy Bear or Lamb Styled Groom (includes Wash & Blow dry) $157.50 for long length cats inly Ie: Persians Ragdolls & Himaylayans

The Possum
Wash & Deshed + Tummy Trim + Bikini Trim $105


long length cats or full coat $78.75
medium length cats $68.25
short length cats $57.75
Kitten Wash n blow dry $36.75
Kitty Cat Tummy Trim $25

We welcome all cats for regular Wash n blow dry DESHEDS every 4-6 weeks is recommended.. HIGHLY RECOMMEND OUR 6 WEEK PROGRAM FOR BEST RESULTS! For those who do not like the Lion King, Tiger, Teddy Bear or Lamb STYLE, we recommended regular Maintenance Wash n blow dry deshed maintenace trim to eliminate oil & dirt & shed & matts & knotting.. regular wash n blow dry removes up to 80 % shedding



Our Pet Stylist , KIMMI is A Trade Certified Pet Stylist Fully Qualified & trained to American Breed Standard, Australian Breed Standard & Japanese Breed Standards.. Kimmie has been trained by International Master Groomer Emily Myatt, & graduated Pet Stylist ACADEMY School IN March 2011.. Kimmie has also been trained by International Master Feline Groomer, Danelle German from The National Cat Groomers Institute of America..  NCIA Kimmie has also been trained in the Art of Japanese Handscizzoring skills by Japanese Pet Groomers,. Kimmi is a Lover of Cats & dogs mixing up the styles she has mastered & crafted Advanced Scissoring Skills focusing on the latest Breed Standard styles from America..Kimmie keeps a close eye on the latest styles & trends from Japan, American, England & Australia, Thailand & Asia..

Our Aim is to make your Pet feel comfortable as possible, no rushing, & to look as Cute as, and as close to Breed Standard as possible.. We are “Pet Stylists”, Trade Certified. What does this mean? We give your Pets Style, spending a lot more time on your pet to achieve the absolutely Best look for the Breed, and according to your requirements of course.. We use a Japanese Scissoring technique, to finish your lovely off, so your pet looks as natural as possible, while still achieving a fantastic haircut.. we can promise you, when your pet leaves Our Salon, he or she will be the Best Looking Pet on The Gold Coast! Guaranteed!

We are trained to use Calm Assertive Energy from the DOG Whisperer “Cesar Milan”, & Cat Whisperer ” Mieshelle Nagelschneider”, and we use Patience, rather than muzzles.. We are huge Animal lovers who have devoted our time to helping your Pet feel his or her best! We have found that “Difficult” or “stressed” pets, after a few visits, look forward to seeing us, once they realise they have nothing to fear.. Our Salon always has the latest music dvds playing to entertain your pets, and quite often you might catch us having a dance with the Kitty’s & Doggies lol! All Pets love dancing & singing in Our Super Relaxed & Chilled out Salon Environment Homebased!

We book in one pet at a time, no rushing, after all its a day at the Grooming Salon..  We are now Homebased, for a quieter stress free environment for the Fur babies, So Appointments are Essential.. Depending on size and coat condition, we ask for 2-3 hrs.. ,’ is necessary, sometimes less, sometimes more.. we cut hair before & after wash  (a great time to do a bit of shopping or sunbake on the beach) once your lovely is finished, we take a photo, add the latest doggie or kitty cologne, a special treat & then we text you, with a gorgeous photo to you, to notify, your Pet is ready for pick – up.. Plenty of free parking right outside.. is perfect for pick – up or drop off!

Please note: if you are short on time, please advise us as we can always reschedule a more suitable time for us both. As we are using sharp instruments, blades & scissors, this is not a job we can rush.. we want your pet to enjoy their time with us, so if you haven’t heard from us, please give us a quick call or text before coming in, if you do pop in before we are finished, please try to not let your pet see you, as quite often, it may take us longer to settle your lovely down.. also on the odd occasion we are running a little behind, .. please understand.. care, time & patience, achieves the best possible out come for everyone..

On the odd occasion, if we finish early for the day, we might go to the beach, and if you find your having trouble getting to us in time, we also have an option to drop off your lovely at home..

We are open By Appointment only :

Tuesday, Wednesday Friday & Saturday
10am  –   7pm


Cash / Credit Cards / Eftpos / pay to mobile / direct debit / pay over the phone services are all available, and if you don’t want to get out of your car, we have a mobile eftpos machine, we can bring to you..

Upon confirmation of your booking, we require a deposit, due to limited available appointments.

If u need to change your appointment, we have a STRICT 24 hrs notice. CANCELLATION FEE $30

please Note: we do not except Pets with Fleas. WE Recommend Seresto Tick & Flea Collar (to keep fleas & ticks away) & COMFORTIS (to KILL FLEAS)for best results for cats & Dogs.. Petbarn or Online..BUDGET PET DIRECT